To use Mushpup, first:

  1. Pick a Mushpup secret word (a master password only you remember)
  2. Pick a Mushpup number (between 8 and 16)
  3. Pick a Mushpup side (left, right, or middle)

You will want to use these by habit, so make picks that you will remember.

Then, to get a new password:

  1. Identify new site (e.g.
  2. Set your user name (e.g. klenwell)
  3. Set your site input based on site/user (e.g.

Use the Mushpup form above when you register to a new site. Now is the time to use the confirm button to make sure you enter your secret word correctly.

Finally, to retrieve the password:

  1. Input site input and Mushpup secret word in the Mushpup form
  2. Using your Mushpup number and Mushpup side, copy your password
  3. Paste the password into the site login password field.

Now you can get you password any time you need it. In this way, by remembering a single password, you get a unique password for every site you use