mushpup : MushpupModifiers


Modifiers allow you to adapt Mushpup to almost any password policy by specifying which type of characters get included in the generated Mushpup string. Each modifier adds the specified category of character (alpha, numeric, or special) to each of the three 8-character segments that make up the generated password.

Modifier Syntax

mutually exclusive
Only one of these can be used at a time.
These modifiers can be used together, but you will probably want to use them individually or use one of the options above.


To use modifiers, you site string must follow the site/user/modifier syntax. Consider the example where you were creating a new Gmail account for user testuser and were using the middle 10 character of the Mushpup hash as your password (Mushpup notation: m{}m10. Your normal site string would be which, using 'test' as your secret word, would create the following 24-character hash:


Now imagine if Gmail required at least one number in their passwords. This would not work. But by applying the + modifier, you could make your Mushpup password compliant. The site string (Mushpup notation: m{}m10) would produce:


And if Gmail required a number and a special character, you could use* (Mushpup notation: m{*}m10):


Just make sure you make sure you include the modifier in your password reminder.

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