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memorable unique secured hashed password protocol

Turn your favorite password into as many unique, secure passwords as you want. And don't bother to remember any of them.

password musher

for websites, it's simpler to use only the basic domain name (e.g. rather than but however you choose to do it, just make sure you're consistent.

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What to do now:


Look at the hash code below. Are you a lefty (front-sider) or a righty (back-sider)? Go to that end now. (Note: password will always be read left to right.) Use your mouse to copy over -- from your chosen mushpup side -- the number of characters dictated by your secret mushpup number. (The numbers at top and bottom are there to help you count.) Press Ctrl-C to copy your password. Then paste (Ctrl-V) into a login or registration form. Once you've copied it, the form should reset and this mushpup password will be safe until you need it again.

your password is somewhere in here (copy and paste as needed):

         1    1    2    
    2    1    1         

the hash

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Step 1: Pick Your Mushpup Secret Word

This will be your master password. It doesn't have to be super long or super complex. But it should be distinctive and use both numbers and letters. Don't write it down. Don't utter it. Commit it to memory.

Step 2: Pick Your Mushpup Number

This should be a number between 8 and 16. This will be the length of your passwords. But don't worry too much about length -- you won't have to remember any passwords! You only have to remember your mushpup secret word.

Step 3: Pick Your Side

Lefty (front-sider)? Or righty (back-sider)? Or maybe straight down the middle? Pick your side and be loyal to it. (You'll see why this matters once you get your password.) Now you should be ready for the form above!
Whenever you have to register at a new site, you can use the form above to get your new password. And then come back here to get it next time you need it. For more information on how to pick a good password and why this is safe and secure, click here.